How To Be More POSITIVE In Life In 26 Ways

How to be positive
          What everything happens to you is all that you've attracted into your life. Be it negative or positive stuff, it all came from your thoughts and your actions. When everything that's happening to you is decided by your actions and thoughts only, why not change them into positive ones and have a better life. Doing positive things and positive stuff will result in a positive life. There are a lot of ways in which you can do to add more positivity to your life. The more positive actions you take, the brighter and merrier your life will be. In this article, I'm going to teach you 26 amazing ways on how to be positive in life. 

Without further ado, let's dive right into the topic and see what things we can do to make our life full of positivity.

1. Be an Optimist

Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, positive things will be drawn to you -Mary Lou Retton
          In order to be positive, the foremost thing you need to do is to start thinking positively. Try to see the positive side of everything and every situation. When you start to see the best in people and things, you start attracting the best towards you. 
          For example, when the whole world is seeing this pandemic situation as a hazard to the human race, think of it as this pandemic is giving you the opportunity to embrace and reconnect with your family and loved ones. The whole point of being an optimist is to see the best out of people and situations you face. That's how you add more positivity to your life.

2. Don't assume

          The common mistake most of us make while is we make our own assumptions and increase complexity in our life. Never assume that bad things are going to happen to you when you're starting out to do a new thing. If you start thinking like that, you're just complicating your life and adding negativity to your life by yourself. Whatever that's gonna happen will happen to you and you give your best. You're in control of whatever that happens to you. Assumptions will kill your confidence and will hinder your chances of giving your 100%. 

3. Practice gratitude

          There's nothing that's going to make your life full of positivity than practicing gratitude. Be happy for all the things you already have before asking for more. When you start to feel contented and grateful for what you have, you emit a lot of positivity into your life. Show gratitude for everything and every person that makes your life better and positive. 

          One way to start practicing gratitude is to say thanks to people who help you and to the things. I personally say thank you to all of the things and people I have in my life as soon as I wake up.

4. Avoid negative people/negativity

          Stop hanging around with those people who always make comments on you or make fun of you. You're more worth than being a fun toy to people. Don't care about people who bring negativity into your life. Don't give a fuck about what others think about you. If they see bad in you, it's their reflection of how they see people. Focus on people who value your presence and make you feel loved. These kinds of people are the ones that bring positivity into your life. 

5. Love yourself

         Did you observe anytime that whenever we are in a good mood, we find everything pleasing and when we're in a bad mood, even the happiest news doesn't sound exciting? It's all because of how we see things. When you start to love yourself, you're going to feel positive about everything you do. Start taking responsibility for yourself and love even your imperfections and failures too. That's how you stay positive about yourself and add more positivity to your life.

6. Do what you love

          Most of us are stuck in life doing things that we don't love to do and feel bad about our life, which forms a major source of negativity in our life. Okay! somehow we're doing those hard things demanding by situations, for financial reasons or whatever it may be, let's not let it make our life dark. So start loving what you do or just do what you love and spread positivity in your life. This way we can be more positive at life as well as work.

7. Be kind

          If you want to have a more positive outlook at life, showing kindness is the key. The amount of goodwill and positivity, kindness will bring into your life is invaluable. Start being kind to people around you. Respect them, talk to them nicely and treat people how you want to be treated. The better you treat people the better you start feeling about your life and you start feeling happy.

8. Stop comparisons

          Never ever compare yourself with people and feel bad about yourself. Why compare with others when everyone in this world has a whole different story than others. Most importantly don't ever compare with someone else's chapter 20 to your chapter 2. Of course, you'll be behind them but you're just starting out. Making bad comparisons will only result in making your life full of negativity. I recommend only to make comparisons that make you better or that inspire you to become better. That's how you add more positivity to your life and be positive.

9. Have patience

          Okay! I understand the world is moving fast and everything is getting ultrafast. But have you ever heard someone became super successful at life overnight? Somethings are still old school and they always will be like that only. We, people in this generation have no patience at all. We start doing something and want the results next moment. We lack patience and the zeal it takes to be consistent. In order to have a positive life, you should always learn to be patient and trust you and the process.  

10. It's okay to be imperfect

          No one ever in this world is perfect. We all have our own imperfections. It's just that we live in a world where we all hide our imperfections and demons inside us under a simple smile. So, stop stressing yourself out too much to be perfect at everything. Be imperfect, learn from failures, that's how you grow in life. Stop worrying about what people think or what they talk about you at your back, just do positive stuff and keep moving. 

11. Spend time with family

          Whatever you're, wherever you're, at the end of the day, you need someone to share your feelings with. Family always comes in the first place for this, no matter what we do, they're always at our back and they'll be there for you no matter what. So, spend time with your family and get the feel of being love and spread love. Family is the only thing that always sees the best in you even when the whole world is against you. Spending quality time with family can make your day more positive. 

12. Celebrate little things in life

          This is probably the coolest way to stay positive in life. When you start celebrating every little achievement in your life, you start to feel good about your life. This will add enormous amounts of positivity to your life. Start celebrating your little success, silly achievements, and get the most out of your life and live it full of positivity. 

13. Help others

          Go, help people who are in need, and see how they react with a beautiful smile on their faces. Sometimes, it feels like those smiles are just enough to make one's day. That goodwill and positivity helping others bring to your life are very precious. What's better than filling other people's lives with happiness and adding value to their lives which will spread a lot of positivity into the world. Everything in this world is like give and receive, you spread positive vibes you get positive stuff in your life and vice-versa.

14. Minimize social media usage

          Nowadays, the major source of negativity is in social media. No matter which platform you see, there are people who make fun of others and criticize others. Moreover, when you use too much social media, which nowadays portrays only the brighter sides of people's lives where people cover their imperfections under filters and find happiness in likes and followers, you start to compare yourself with each of the posts you see and you feel bad about yourself. Do you really need that negativity in your life? 

15. Put an end to your expectations

          Expectations are the closest friends to unhappiness and negativity. We always expect to happen things our way, but most of the time tables won't turn our way. It's called life. But with every expectation being collapsed you start to lose your confidence and that reduces the positive spirit inside you. So, from now, stop expecting people or things to do things in your way. Let go of all your expectations and try to embrace what's being given to you. If you deserve the best, you'll get it. 

16. Keep your surroundings clean

          It's not enough to stay positive all the time with just being positive about yourself. Sometimes your surroundings affect your thought process and may even make you feel worse. To avoid your surroundings controlling your positivity, you need to start keeping your surroundings clean. When you start keeping things organized and clean in your workplace or home, you'll get to feel the positivity as soon as you enter your place.

17. Face your fears

           Go, do things that you're scared off for a long time. Our fears are like the inner demons that cause the roots of the darkness inside us. Don't be afraid, take the first step. If there are people who did it, most probably you can also do it without any doubt. Believe in yourself and embrace the strength in you and face your fears. When you reach a point where there are no fears for you, that's where you will have a life flourishing with positivity.

18. Start your fitness journey now

          Trust me when I say this! Your physique will have a lot of impact on how you see yourself and the world. Being in the best shape of your life allows you to build an unimaginable amount of confidence inside you and you begin to see everything with a new positive outlook. 
          I personally started my fitness journey a year ago and it changed my life dramatically in a positive way. It changed how I see the world and from then, it brought a lot of changes in my thought process too. The fitter I got, the optimistic my thoughts became.

19. Eat more healthy food

          As important as working out, maintaining a healthy diet is also crucial to make yourself feel the positive vibes inside you. When you start eating more healthy food, your body becomes more active compared to street food, and this changes how you feel about yourself. Eating healthy food improves the activity in your body and releases hormones that make you feel lighter and less stressed. 

20. Practice meditation

          Meditation plays a prominent role in staying positive. Why do you think, all of the monks and spirituality coaches do meditation every single day? By practicing meditation, you start to control your thoughts and emotions. When you're in full control of what you think, you only do positive stuff that makes life better. 

21. Crush your goals

          If you want to be positive in your life, start by achieving some of your goals. When you achieve your goals, it increases your confidence and positivity inside you to achieve more. Start with small goals and then move to bigger goals. The more goals you crush, the better you feel. The feeling of getting success is unmatched by any other emotion. If you start reaching your milestones, you make a positive aura around yourself. 

22. Maintain a good rapport at your workplace

          Does it feel good when you walk into your workplace and no one ever greets you or even tries to talk to you? Do you want to have that kind of workplace environment? That kind of environment will never add positivity to your life. So, try to maintain good rapport with people at your workplace, even the lower-level employees or workers. Gather with people and share your stories and listen to theirs, people love it. Sometimes even a little smile can make someone's day. 
          I generally make good relationships with all kinds of workers around me. While I was staying in my college hostel, I used to talk with every watchmen and room cleaner and hear their stories and help them if I can. The next time I see them somewhere, they just smile and I smile back. I used to feel very good about myself throughout the day for making those people's days.

23. Choose your partner wisely

          When it comes to relationships these days, they are more complicated than ever now. Agree with it or not, Most of us will definitely have relationship issues at one time or the other in our life. But what if I say you can reduce 80% of your relationship issues if you choose the right partner, someone who understands you at greater depths. In this generation, most of the young ones are deliberately pushing themselves into relationships just so they could brag about it with their friends and finally end up in a devastating breakup. Never ever make that mistake. The right partner and the right relationship will make your life more positive than ever.

24. Feed positive stuff into your brain

          BRAIN - what you feed it with is what you get out of it. The brain is the biggest asset you'll ever own. Feed it with positive stuff, your life will be positive. Feed it with negative shit, guess what your life is going to be? Feed your mind with positive affirmations, growth ideas, and confident stuff. Watch self-betterment videos, follow self-betterment pages, blogs, and people that inspire you to be better. The more positive stuff you feed your brain, the more positive your life will turn out to be.

25. Develop positive habits

          I cannot brag you how important habits will be in changing your life to be full of positivity. Habits make our life. What we do daily will decide who we are in the long run. It's those little things we do daily accumulate over time and become life-changing. So, start developing positive habits in your days like working out, journaling, reading books, etc. 

26. Achieve financial freedom

          Last but not least, financial freedom will bring a lot of positivity to your life. The feeling of being financially free will open new doors into your life where you explore so many positive outlooks of life. When you don't care about the price tag, you start to see the quality in it. What's better than getting everything we want and never bother much about money. That financial freedom moment is gonna cost you so many sleepless nights, extra hours of hard work, consistency, and lots of patience. But trust me, it's all worth it in the end. Being financially free is like a life with wings wide opened to fly wherever you want. That's what we call a positive life. 

          Kudos to you on reading it till the very end. Thank you so much for reading and I hope these 26 ways will make your life more positive. 

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