12 Habits To Give Up Now To Improve Your Life (2020)

Habits ti give up to improve your life
            Sitting on our cozy couch all day thinking and wondering why our life is not going like the way it should, why all the negative shit keeps happening to me only, something or someone should miraculously change my life, I'll start working my ass off from tomorrow or the next week....blah blah blah. Most of us do this each and every day. While some are acing their life, here we are staying like a sleepy sloth, and wishing a miracle should happen in our life and make it better. 

            Life never gives us anything free, we gotta work hard and earn what we want. But, how can we do this? By sitting idle all day and wishing our life should become better or getting the hell out of your comfort zone and start working. We all know the latter one is the right choice but we often don't do it. It's because we're reluctant to change and afraid of what's outside of our comfort zones. 

            We all have heard the saying NEVER GIVE UP, but trust me this time and GIVE UP. I bet you, you'll never regret trusting me in this. 

In this article, we'll talk about the habits and things you should give up in order to never give up on your life and improve your life. 

Let's get straight into the topic. Here are the 12 habits you should give up to improve your life.

1. Give up on your PAST

            Your future doesn't care if you're broken, if you're successful, if you're happy, if you're sad in the past. Your future depends on what you do now. 

We all see people who cling themselves to past mistakes, past failures, and past relationships and never move forward. That is seriously a big sin you're making at the cost of your future. 

Let go of all the darkness, negative shit, and hollowness inside you and start a fresh beginning now. 

Give up on your past and work on building your future.

2. Give up your EXCUSES

                   Give up your excuses| No excuses
            Excuses are the closest friends of procrastination and the biggest enemies of productivity. You never see a person who always finds an excuse to do something succeed in life. 

The problem with these kinds of people is they always find a way to keep their hands clean, comforting their inner self that they're doing the right thing. 

If you find yourself in this type of situation at any time in life, it's time to pack your bags and walk out of your comfort zone and start doing the donkeywork.

You gotta work your ass off to make things happen the way you want. So, stop finding excuses and make sacrifices to achieve your life dreams. 

3. Give up your LIMITATIONS 

            Isn't it a human who discovered the superfast cars you drive, Isn't it a human who discovered the cutting edge technology you use, Isn't it a human just like you who is making millions sitting at home?  When they can do, you too can do it. But why do you doubt yourself? All the limits you keep for yourself only exist in the place between your ears.

If you want to make something big in life, you gotta start believing that you have no limits. 

Give up on your limiting behavior and go beyond your limits and achieve greater things.  

4. Give up your FEARS 

          Fear is one of the major things that's eating people's dreams. Most of us are afraid of change, afraid of making a new start, afraid of being rejected, afraid of starting at zero. 

Why you should be afraid to change or new beginnings in life? Every expert was once a novice who had zero-knowledge about what he's gonna do. If there is one thing that differentiates extraordinary people from the average people, it is that they take action. 

F**k your fears and take action now before your life starts demolishing. 

5. Give up your LAZINESS

            Well! who doesn't love to stay cozy all day and just enjoy binge-watching Netflix? We all do. But what will it give you staying all day like that? Exactly nothing but temporary happiness and long time misery.

Stop being lazy at all, it may seem comforting at now but in the long run, it's gonna make you suffer to hell. 

If you are feeling too lazy to start working, start doing simple things first like a walk for 10 minutes, read a single page of a book, reply to a mail, etc and make the tasks big with time.


            This is one of the dumbest things people do in their life and suffer for their entire life. They keep expecting things to happen their way and get disappointed when they didn't. 

The more expectations you have, the more misery you seek into your life. Things will never go your way until unless you start working for them. Just wishing and expecting things is never gonna get you what you want in life.

Let them go, leave them behind, and give up any kind of expectations and start working for what you want and never give up on your goals.


            Every time you compare your life with someone, you're degrading yourself. Have you ever felt so comforting comparing yourself to others? Most probably no!. We often compare our lives with people we meet and people we see online and feel that you lack something they have but you don't. 

What comparing attitude does to your life is, it never lets you embrace what you have, it makes you think you always wanted something more. This behavior will cause you a lot of mental stress and will have a greater impact on how you see life. 

Give up your comparing habit and start embracing what you have and be grateful for it.


            We're living in a society where people focus so much on pleasing others, that they waste a lot of time impressing people than improving their life. 

Trust me when I say this, society doesn't give a damn about your life. Your thoughts in their life are momentary. Even if you buy a Lamborghini just to show off to people, they just say wow at the moment and forget when they reach their home. I don't understand why people are so caught up in pleasing others at the cost of losing their freedom to live their own life. 

Please, stop living your life for others, take control of your life, and live the way you want to live.

9. Give up BLAME GAME

                     Never blame others
            One simple way to stay true to yourself is to accept whatever you do. Take responsibility for your actions and your mistakes. Never blame someone or something for the mistake you've done. 

Blaming is a detrimental habit that never lets you accept your reality and thus reduces the chances of improving yourself. And if you blame people for mistakes they haven't done, they start thinking about you in an envious way.


            Spreading negativity is a catastrophic habit that we should avoid doing at any cost. Be it spreading negativity inside you with your thoughts or among the people around you. 

Negative thoughts and emotions will never give you a positive and happy life. If you really want to improve the quality of your life, you need to start thinking and spreading positivity.

11. Give up WASTING TIME    

                We all know how valuable our time is. I don't want to emphasize much on the importance of time here but, I just want to say that how we spend our time defines who we are.

These days time-wasting is happening unknowingly. You get a notification, you open it, you see it and there you go you're stuck in a marathon of posts and videos wasting hours of time without even realizing. We develop a lot of time-wasting habits that are costing us our valuable time 


            Yes, you've heard me right. Stop multitasking. We all have heard that multitasking saves time, but that's not correct. Multitasking is often taking more time compared to doing tasks individually. 

Another huge disadvantage of multitasking is that you never get to focus completely on one thing and it leads to partial completion of tasks or with less perfection. 

Give up your habit of multitasking and start tackling one task at a time and give your best. That improves the quality of your life.


            We only get to live this amazing life once, why not make the best out of it. Give up these toxic habits and start improving your life now. 

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KP Reddy

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