Everything You Need To Know About MINIMALISM And How To Be A Minimalist.

          We live in a world where people are obsessed to possess more and more things. Our era is overflowing with people who persuade us to buy plenty of things with intensive audience targeted advertisements and marketing campaigns. That way we are buying things we don't even need. With excessive possessions come excessive insecurities, more clutter, and more complexity in our life. What if I tell you there is a lifestyle where you're free of all this shit. No more unnecessary things in your life, no more unnecessary money waste in your life, no more insecurities, and a lot of freedom. That is "MINIMALISM". 
          Most people either don't know about minimalism or have some misconceptions about it. The most common misconception is that in order to be a minimalist, you need to leave all the things you have and live like you have nothing. That's not it. I will teach you what is actually the minimalism and how to be a minimalist to lead a better life. 

Minimalistic life

What is minimalism?

          Minimalism can be defined as a lifestyle in which one will live with things that are only necessary. Minimalism is more like a decluttering filter to your life. It's all about intentionally living with fewer and worthful things. Minimalism is like a getaway from the modern world mania. 
          With the world moving heavily towards spirituality and peace, a minimalistic lifestyle provides us an opportunity to bring a lot of happiness and freedom to our life. Minimalism isn't a 21st-century invention, it's followed by great sages in the ancient ages where they live far from populated areas to get peace. As that kind of life is hard now, a modified lifestyle is evolved naming minimalism.

Why minimalism?

          You may feel like "Ok! we understand minimalism is cool but why should we live a minimalistic life?". Here's why you too should follow minimalism.

1. Less clutter in life:

          By eliminating all the unnecessary stuff in your life, it becomes more clear. We generally possess so many needless things in our life which we don't use so often or we never use at all. They are just there. By eliminating all those kinds of things, the space around you looks clean and not messy.

2. More clarity on choices:

clarity of choices
         With fewer things come fewer choices. As minimalism is all about living with fewer but worthy possessions, it becomes more coherent and easy to make choices. By following minimalism, I'd say the quality of your choices also improves.

3. Freedom:

          You may be wondering all this time how minimalism will give you freedom. Minimalism will provide you freedom from the urges of greediness, insecurities, and unwanted tensions in your life due to possessing more things.
          Will you be happy driving a normal Honda or a super cool Lamborghini, Ofcourse your answer will be Lamborghini. But think of this, how many responsibilities come with owning a Lamborghini and its maintenance, fear of getting it damaged. All you need is a vehicle to drive. Why not drive a simple car and be happy? 

4. More time:

          With fewer possessions and less clutter in life, we will be left with plenty of time to spend on meaningful things. With fewer things to distract us, we can focus our time more on being productive. And moreover, minimalism can also be in the digital world and can save us a lot of time if we remove all the unnecessary apps on our phone.

5. No excess baggage:

          Being a minimalist is all about having a few meaningful things. Get rid of all the unnecessary stuff you use. Thus, even if you go on any journey you have few good choices and less baggage to carry. 

6. More Savings:

more savings
          In minimalism, we maintain a long-distance to materialistic life, which means we don't buy inessential things into our life. Thus we can save a lot of money from spending vaguely. But don't misunderstand minimalism to frugality, there are plenty of millionaires like Joshua Becker who live a minimalistic life by choice.

7. Emotional balance and peace:

          Minimalism is a doorway to enter into a peaceful life free from unwanted anxieties, societal pride, greediness. It is more like a peaceful life without any emotional imbalances. If you're into spirituality and peace, minimalism will be your best choice of lifestyle.


8. Empowering human relations:

          Minimalism is all about giving up on the greed to have materialistic possessions and build a happy relationship with the self and the people around you. With very fewer things to focus on, you'll now start to find value in people and build healthy connections with them. 

How to become a minimalist?

           Being a minimalist is all about making right and simple choices. All you need is less clutter, more clarity, and simplicity in your life. Becoming a minimalist comes with lots of sacrifices which may seem absurd at that time but you'll be glad for making those choices. 

Let's see how you can be a minimalist and live a life full of freedom.

1. Decide:

          First things first, minimalism is a flexible lifestyle choice. It doesn't have a set of rules. Being a minimalist is different for different kinds of people. Some want to be minimalistic in clothing, some to be in home decorations, some to be in choices, some to be in habits, etc. while some people want to be minimalistic whole life. Decide on what way you want to be a minimalist.

2. Declutter:

          Get rid of all the chaos and hodgepodge in your life. There are always somethings in our life that we never use but we keep them with a hope that we will use one day. Remove those kinds of things, you're never gonna use them. Throw away things that got damaged or not useful anymore.


3. Use it or lose it:

          If you want to be a minimalist follow this principle always. Either you use a thing or you lose that thing. This applies good enough for especially wardrobe management. There are always some clothes we never use or they're out of our size. Why not remove them and make your wardrobe less cluttery. The best way to declutter your wardrobe is to donate old clothes to needy and poor. 

4. Organize:

Keep organized
          You're mistaken if you think minimalism is all about living with fewer things only. Minimalism is also keeping your life organized. Organize your workspace, home, surroundings, and see how amazing you feel when you realize your aura is organized.



          When you decide to live a life with fewer things why not have things that serve more than one purpose. Buy things that serve multiple purposes like multipurpose screwdrivers or nail cutters etc. Even we now have multipurpose tables, beds, and many more. It's cool and minimalistic when you have multipurpose things.

6. Eat simple:

          Well! well! I don't wanna say this but I did. I know this is going to be hard but trust me, it's okay. Having simple food choices will save a lot of money when we spend most of our time eating out. Fancy foods always ask your full pockets whereas simple food choices can save your pockets and you may use them for other greater purposes.

7. Save:

          When you don't buy unnecessary things you have your pockets a little bit heavy. But that doesn't mean you can waste that money for harmful pleasures like gambling, weed, smoking, etc. Save it to buy something useful or use it to invest in some assets that'll flourish in the long run. There are som many millionaires out there made by minimalism. Why don't you be the next one?

8.Wipeout your Digital clutter:

declutter your phone

          When your whole life is turning to minimalistic why not declutter your digital life too. Uninstall all those applications and software you haven't used in 2 months. Clear all those old texts and blur images in your devices. I know it takes time but it's worth it. Reduce your screen time per day too and spend some quality time with yourself and the people around you.
          Soon I'll write an article on digital minimalism too, it's a vast area to be explored.

Follow these amazing steps and become a minimalist and lead a happy life ever after.

          I found minimalism to be very effective in changing my life to a more productive, peaceful, and economical. I hope minimalism will make wonders in your life too.

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Have a great day:) 

What do you think about minimalism? Will you follow it or not? Tell me in the comments.

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