5 Weird But Effective Rules To Make Your Life Better

Live a better life
          We always want to have a better life. A life with fewer complications and more certainty, a life with less laziness and more productivity, a life with less procrastination and more time management, etc. Most of the time we don't know how to make it happen. This article will guide you through to make your life better
          Everybody has some set of rules in their life, but these rules are to be in every body's life to make it better. Today, I brought you the weird sounding but effective rules that will have a greater impact on your life if you follow them.

Here are the 5 amazing rules that will make your life so much better :

The 10-10-10 rule:
The 10 10 10 rule
          Most of us struggle with making important choices in life. We always have a second opinion on taking a choice. We doubt our own judgment sometimes. This amazing rule will make you choose your decisions wisely.
 The rule is simple. What this rule says is, think about how this choice will make you feel in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years. Some things might look important to you in the next 10 minutes or the 10 months, but in the long run after 10 years they might not be worth it. Similarly, some decisions might be hard right now, but they are the best ones in the long run.
          This rule can also be applied to your daily life situations where we feel worried or anxious about things. Is this thing or the person you worry about worth your time in the long run? It's as simple as that, decide if it's worth it and take the decision.
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The 2-minute rule:
The 2 minute rule
          This rule is more like a productivity booster. What this rule says is, whenever you have a task that you can do in or under 2 minutes, don't procrastinate. just do it right away.  We, humans, tend to procrastinate little things with an oversight nature. We often feel negligent towards doing those little things and which altogether accumulate over time and become a gigantic conundrum. So, why procrastinate things which we can do under 2 minutes? Is it that hard to concentrate on a thing for 2 minutes? I think it's a big NO.
          As the well-known precept says, The first step is always the hardest. Use this rule and just push yourself enough to work for the next 2 minutes. When you've completed your 2-minute task, you feel accomplished and it may boost the urge in you to do more complicated things and surprisingly make your whole day productive.
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The 100 Hour Rule:
The 100 hour rule
          If you were given 100 hours to invest your time into these three things i.e.,
(a) What you're good at
(b)What you're average at
(c) What you're weak at
               How would you invest your time in these three things? Take a minute and think of it.
Is it 33 hours equally on all the three things or More time on b and c? If yes, I'm sorry! You're on the wrong side.
When the same question was posed to the millionaires, billionaires, and highly successful people in the world, the most common answer is 'They give their 100 hours entirely to what they are good at'.
What this rule says is "Focus on your strengths more than your weaknesses". 

The Odd Time Rule:
The odd time rule
          This rule is more of time management and laziness killer. Are you the one who never does things on time as you planned? Are you being late most often on your set timings? Then, this rule is for you. The odd time rule says that " Plan your tasks or meetings on any odd/ weird timings and you'll definitely do it on time". 
For example, Plan a meeting or schedule a task at an odd time like " Make a call to your friend at 1:47 PM". It's most probably you'll be on time to do the call. It's the weirdness in the timing that makes your subconscious mind register it strongly and remind you of it.
This rule works like magic when there are group meetings/calls to be made. Tell your friends/ colleagues that our group call is going to be at sharp 12:33PM and observe how on time they all will be.
Experiment with this rule and observe it's magic.

The DCP rule:
The DCP rule

          This is the most important rule in achieving whatever you want. This standard expresses that " All you need is Determination, Consistency, and Patience to accomplish whatever the objective you need"
          You should be determined to achieve your goal no matter what. Consistency is the key to success. Be consistent with your process, it takes several billions of water drops to become a huge Ocean. Similarly, it takes consistent small efforts in the long term to see remarkable changes. As important as being determined and consistent, being patient is also needed. We all know it takes 13 months to build a Rolls Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota. 
Determination+Consistency+Patience = Growth + Success

Thank you for reading and Have an amazing day :)

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