The One Law You're Never Taught About

Everyone has secrets. This universe has some too. One such secret is THE LAW OF ATTRACTION

98% of the wealth lies in 2% of the population and the remaining 2% of the wealth lies in 98% of the population. Have you ever wondered how and why this happens to be like this? There are some things only a little percentage of people know about while the rest wonder how the other people are doing better than them. This is not a current situation, this thing has been happening for ages. That's because that 2 % know The Law Of Attraction.

With the help of the law of attraction, you can attract anything you want into your life. Be it Wealth, Health, Relationships, Opportunities, Success... whatever you name it, you'll achieve it.

What is the law of attraction?

The Law of attraction is nothing but the ability to attract anything you want into your life. According to this law, humans are magnets and their thoughts are the magnetic fields around them. The law of attraction says you can achieve anything you want. All you need to do is send a signal into the universe and attract it towards you.

Why is the law of attraction so important?

The law of attraction is changing people's lives for ages. Everything that is happening to you now is what you thought in the past. Your future depends on what you think and attract right now. Whether it is good or bad that's happening to you right now, it's because of what you've attracted in the past. Even if you're now going through any hardships, it's you who attracted it. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow if I say you're the one who did bad to you. When everything in your life is defined by your thoughts, why not use the law of attraction and attract better things into your life.

If you give your attention and energy to positive thoughts, you attract positivity. 

Instead, if you give all your attention and energy to negative thoughts, BOOM 💥 That's what you wish for. #Negativity in your life.

How can we use the law of attraction?

The Law of attraction is all about controlling your thoughts. The more positive thoughts you have, the better will happen to you and vice versa. 

That's it. All you need in your life is in your hands and all you need to do is just ask the universe what you want. To successfully use the law of attraction, you need to follow four steps. 

1. ASK: 

The primary task in the law of attraction is to ask the universe what you want. By asking you're sending a signal into the universe that you need something to happen to you. Be as precise as you can in your details about your wish. 

For example, if you wish for a good job. 
Even working in a small hotel as a waiter is also a job. So, just don't wish about the job,
ask specifically in which company you wish the job for, 
the salary you want, 
the work location you want,  
the beneficiaries you want with the job.  Think of all the tiny details about your wish and make it very accurate.

Be realistic about what you wish for. A million dollars overnight is a stupid wish.


This step is very important to make you wish to come true. All you need to do here is visualize how would your life change when that wish became true. Think of all the good things that wish will bring into your life.

Every day before you go to bed, Close your eyes and visualize that you achieved your wish. Feel the happiness you feel if you really achieved it. Think what are the amazing things that this wish will bring to your life. Don't just think, feel it.


Believe in your wish and the universe. It takes time for great things to happen, they don't happen overnight. Be optimistic about your wish and never let any negativity creep in between your ears. Never lose sight of your end wish and believe in the process. 

Be patient and trust the universe.


Receiving is the final step and this is when your wish came true. It is the time where the results start to blossom off. You will feel the sense that your wish is coming true slowly. All your belief, visualization and positivity will pay off. 
Be thankful for the universe. 

All this time you may be wondering, is this real? Does this work? 
It is real and it works. Many people have turned their fortunes using the law of attraction. I use this too. It's working for me.

Even now, if you still have any hesitations about this, there's only one way to find out! ( Give it a try).  You can watch THE SECRET movie here. It has more than I mentioned in this blog.

Let me know if you have any additional queries regarding this topic in the comments section below. I'm always glad to help. Subscribe to this blog for constant updates.

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  1. I couldn't resist myself from saying "AWESOME". Your writing skills are great. Hope these writings impact people and make them pursue positivity.

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  2. Hey thank you so much , your content is so easy to understand.


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