How To Live Happily?

Live happily
If there is anything that everyone runs after on this earth... that's HAPPINESS 

No matter how wealthy you're, how intelligent you're, how poor you're, how devastated you're, at the end of the day, we all strive for the same thing. But the only difference is we find happiness in different things. Some find it in wealth, some in knowledge, some in health, some in work, some in people, etc. 

Someone asked me recently why aren't the rich happier even when they have all the luxuries. I'd say happiness is not a commodity that we can buy. Happiness is a state of mind. Luxuries mean comforts. Comforts are meant to be for the body, not for the soul. Finding happiness in materialistic things is interim. 
What makes someone happy eternally? I'd say a happy soul is what makes a person feel happy from the core. 
Being happy isn't something that happens overnight, it's a lifestyle to be built over time.

Let's see how you can master the art of living a happy life.

Accept and love yourself: 
        The foundation to eternal happiness lies in accepting the original, raw and truthful self of you. When you accept the unfaked and real version of you, you reduce almost half of the life insecurities and you get comfortable in your own skin and bother less about what people might think of you. This reduces anxieties and makes you feel peaceful. 
       I've seen many people who hate themselves for being dark, short, fat, skinny, etc,. If you're not going to be happy with yourself, then how come you expect to be happy with other things. Start taking care of yourself.

Forgive and make peace:
       Forgiveness is a great quality that only a few people possess. People who forgive others after a dispute tend to live a happier life thereafter than people who hold grudges. Forgive, make peace and let them suffer for their misdeeds.

 Holding onto negative emotions is like holding onto a broken glass tight in your hand and wishing the other person to get hurt 

Practice Kindness:
       Being kind is of surmounted necessity in this cruel world we live in. Act kindly to your peeps, elders, colleagues, animals, birds etc around you. The kind of positivity and goodwill being kind develops in your life is unparalleled. 
      Try being kind to the low-class workers at your workplace like watchmen, office boys and just say a simple hi and observe how they react with happiness. Donate a small amount to the poor and look at their glowing faces... what brings you the happiness better than watching people happy because of you. 

Do what you love:
        Do things you love. Stop involving yourself in things that make you feel low. If someone/something is causing you to be unhappy, then it isn't worth your time. Stop sacrificing yourself for someone else's opinions. If you want to become an artist, be one. At the end of the day, it's your happiness that matters. 
        Doing what you love doesn't mean to indulge yourself in destructive things. Be wise and make choices to prosper into a better life not worsen it.

Maintain healthy relationships:
       Having good relationships with people around you is very significant to stay happy. Especially maintain good relationships with your family, friends and colleagues. Whatever you do, at the end of the day you approach these people when you're in hardships. Make sure they welcome you with an open heart. Maintaining healthy relationships will make you feel happy and loved.

Take a bird's-eye view once in a while:

        Stop and take a moment to gaze into your life from a bigger point of view. You'll understand how small of value those tiny egos, insecurities and jealousies look like on a bigger picture. Why waste your valuable life on things that matter very less in your life? Focus on things that make you feel happy. Stop complicating an issue by overthinking it. 

Show gratitude:
       You have a beautiful home, caring parents, good food and trendy clothes. Be thankful for them, some people don't have them. Appreciate all the beautiful things and people you have in your life. When you feel contented with what you have, you get what you wish for. By showing gratitude, you send a positive signal into the universe and it'll react positively and make you happy. Read more about  The Law of attraction technique to achieve anything you want in life

Stop comparing with others:
      Never ever make a destructive comparison with others which makes you feel bad about yourself. Everyone is amazing in their own way. The only person you make a comparison is with your past self and see if you're improving or not. When you feel good about yourself, your soul feels the happiness.

Take control of your life:

       Most people feel regretful for making decisions due to bad influences. Living a regretful life is far worse than being dead, it eats you away from within. So, take control of your life. Introspect what is better for you and analyze every situation and make a decision that makes you happy in the long run. Accept your mistakes if you fail. Take responsibility for every decision you make. Don't let yourself sink into the graves of regret.

Celebrate little things:
        You are the winning sperm from millions of sperms. What do you want more in your life to celebrate? You deserve to be happy. Start celebrating every little accomplishment in your life. Pamper yourself with all the love and joy you can give to yourself every now and then. 

Remember, Life isn't always a happy camper, sometimes it's an uphill climb,  all you need to is back yourself at those hard times and make your life look like a million dollars in the long run.

I found these things to be very effective in changing my life to a happy one, hope this article will make your life alive and kicking too.

Thank you for reading it till the end.

Congratulations and good luck on your course to a Happy Life.

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