How to handle failures? Are you doing it the right way?

Didn't you burn your fingers when you first catch the fire unknowingly?
Didn't you fall plenty of times off your bicycle while you first learn to ride? 
Didn't you erase your slate a hundred times before you perfectly wrote the first alphabet?
Didn't you spill all your food around until you learn how to eat properly?
Failures are a part of us. We grew up with failures.

One who never failed is the one who never learned. 

Did you touch fire again?
Did you give up when you fell off from your bicycle?
Did you still erase every time to write perfectly again?
Did you still spill food? 
       NO right? We never gave up and learned from our mistakes until we succeeded. 

But as we grow older, we forget the way we handle failures.

We give up pursuing our dreams at the first barrier we face. 
We give up our dreams of getting a good job on the first interview we fail.
We give up getting good grades after the first semester we failed.
We give up people on the first fight we have.
We give up on love after the first heartbreak.
We give up on business after our first loss.
We give up on investing after the first stock fail.

Aren't you the one who didn't give up until you learn cycling even after you fall plenty of times?
Aren't you the one who learned the lessons each time you fail instead of giving up?

What changed? ( Ask yourself) 

I say nothing has changed except the fact that you grew up. Just like you, the challenges you face also grew. But why did you give up this time?

If there is one trait that separates the successful from the average, millionaires from the poor, etc.... that's how they handle failures. 

" I showed my plan to 1200 people. 
  900 said NO. 300 showed some interest.
  Only 85 actually did something. 
  36 of those were serious and 10 made me a billionaire !" 

Bill Gates

If he gave up on the idea after the first person rejected, we would've never heard his name.
If you ponder over the history, no one was successful on their first hit.

They failed, they failed, they failed( but they never gave up)............ they learned ....they succeeded.

I can scribble hundreds of stories about not giving up until success to inspire you, but they're not handy here. You already have that never give up spartan in yourself but the fact is you never use it on the right things.

Are you giving up on your phone when it's crashed? You reboot it and use again.
Are you giving up on games you play when you lose? You restart the level, never do the same mistake and play until you win it.
Are you giving up on your Snapchat streak with your friends? You maintain streak even if you think keeping a snap daily is tedious and pain in your ass.
................. and so on.

But why do you give up on things that matter? Why don't you learn from failures on things that can change your life?

Remember, giving up isn't an option if you want to be successful in life. Think of failure as an opportunity to see what is wrong with your process. Learn it and never make the mistake again. Fail and fail and fail until failure has no way to make you fail again. Then you get succeed.

Give yourself that innocent child who was taken away from you with time and adolescence. The one who doesn't know what if feels like to give up?.


1. Have a planned goal: Decide your goal. Make a well-planned strategy to achieve it. Consider all the minor obstacles and make a clear strategy. 

2. Implement and get failed: Implement your strategy and if it goes well, you succeed. Sometimes it fails. That's where depression, stress, anxiety starts creeping in. People start ridiculing you. This the hardest part of the process where you should back yourself.

3. Learn from failures: As your first strategy failed, learn what made your strategy upside down and now make another one that rectifies the previous failure. That's how you should handle your failures.

4. Never give up: Don't give up if your strategy 2 fails, make another one and give it another shot. Isn't your dream worth it? See every failure as another opportunity.

5. Achieve your goal: After you reach the horizons of success, you haven't just reached your goal, you learned some great life lessons that are as valuable as your success. Be grateful.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.😊

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