How To Become A Productivity Beast

In this world full of lethargic people, being a productive person is a demanding task. That's because you see a lot of lazy people around you and you don't feel the urge to be productive and can't use your time wisely.

Staying productive is actually not that complicated or that hard as you think. It just takes you little adjustments to your day and a little push to get out of your dormant behavior.  Let's check what are the things that you need to follow in order to become a productivity beast. 

1. Get the hell out of your comfort zone: 
The Comfort zone is the biggest enemy of productivity. As long as you decide to stay in your comfort zone, you'll never be productive. It all starts within the thing between your ears. That's where you have to decide that your comfort zone is over and should start hustling to become productive. Realize that life starts outside of your comfort zone. 

2. Be the early bird:

By this I mean to wake up early. You don't need to wake up at 4 or 5 to be productive, you're not a sage. Just wake up between 6 to 7 am, you'll realize how beautiful morning weather could be and the positivity it'll bring to your day is unmatched. Waking up early is where you're winning the day. You have more hours in your day to be productive than others. 

 " Early bird gets the worm", 

3.Plan your day ahead:

Effective management is the key to productivity. In order to manage your time effectively, you need to understand where your valuable time goes. Planning your day is what makes you to keep track of your time and make you more productive. I suggest you plan your day the night before while you were about to sleep. Use google calendar to schedule and alarms to remind you of important tasks. 

4. Prioritize your tasks:

Prioritizing is key to completing tasks in time. When you prioritize your tasks you know which task you need to do first and with every important task getting finished, you feel the sense of glory and motivation to do more. Accomplishing a bigger task at first will give you a sense of great achievement and the motivation to do smaller ones faster.

5. Take short breaks:

Productivity isn't about stressing yourself. Take a short break of 10 - 15 mins for every one hour of work as it makes your body and mind relax. Go for a coffee, take a walk, stretch yourself, etc. Reward yourself a little off time for your hard work. You deserve it.

6. Keep a minimalistic workspace:

Keep your workspace as simple and clean as possible. Productivity increases when you work in a clean and pleasant environment. Keep only the things that are necessary and things that make you feel calm in your workspace. Follow a minimalistic approach in designing your workspace.

Follow these ideas and definitely, they'll help you to become more productive.

Good Luck.

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